How to organize a real fun Airsoft birthday party:

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How to organize a real fun Airsoft birthday party:

Birthday parties are  funniest moments of our life. to remember them in best form  we need to make some preparations:

  1. invitation: do not forget any valuable friend, a forgotten friend in a important time is a lost friend! Make a list and invite everybody one by one, if your invitation received, you can make check on the name. do not delegate to invite a friend to your birthday party , invite them personally.
  2. Contact airsoft arena , ask about a private or semi -private Air conditioned room  for your party.
  3. Be sure that Airsoft arena also must be Air Conditioned. 2 or 3 hours run activity must be in safe and cool place.
  4. wear long sleeves and long pants. best airsoft dress is a hoodie: to cover arms, body and neck. definitely a covered toe shoes.
  5. before going to the airsoft placemake sure evereybody signed for the waiver. Without waiver you can not play!
  6. before party read rules of play and remind everybody about rules. Especialy wearing  facemask during playtime.

An airsoft birthday party is a great time for everybody and very safe if you follow the rules. have a nice party!

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