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How to organize a real fun Airsoft birthday party:

Birthday parties are  funniest moments of our life. to remember them in best form  we need to make some preparations:

  1. invitation: do not forget any valuable friend, a forgotten friend in a important time is a lost friend! Make a list and invite everybody one by one, if your invitation received, you can make check on the name. do not delegate to invite a friend to your birthday party , invite them personally.
  2. Contact airsoft arena , ask about a private or semi -private Air conditioned room  for your party.
  3. Be sure that Airsoft arena also must be Air Conditioned. 2 or 3 hours run activity must be in safe and cool place.
  4. wear long sleeves and long pants. best airsoft dress is a hoodie: to cover arms, body and neck. definitely a covered toe shoes.
  5. before going to the airsoft placemake sure evereybody signed for the waiver. Without waiver you can not play!
  6. before party read rules of play and remind everybody about rules. Especialy wearing  facemask during playtime.

An airsoft birthday party is a great time for everybody and very safe if you follow the rules. have a nice party!

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Graveyard Gun Run

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Techstar Airsoft and Xtreme Airsoft organized Graveyard gun Run at TechStar Facilities on Oct 27th and 28th. here are some pictures and videos:

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About Airsoft

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What is Airsoft? What are the tools used within it? Where did it come from? What does it shoot? These are all common questions that many ask as they first come across this sport.

Airsoft much like paintball is a sport in which one team tries to eliminate the other through the use of plastic spherical projectives known and commonly reffered to as BB’sTeams contest one another through various game modes in order to win the game such as: Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Elimination, Team Deathmatch and so forth.

In Airsoft there are a number of things that are needed in order to play: Complete face protection, an Airsoft Replica, and plastic BB’s.

Let’s split these categories into three respective parts:

Full Face Protection Masks, all airsoft players must at all times constantly be using an eye protection of some sort, face masks are recommended but not mandatory (Watch you teeth!).

Airsoft Replica’s or commonly referred to as Airsoft Guns are Plastic Pellet Propelling Replicas. They come in all shapes and sizes and are commonly made to look like their real world counterparts: M4 carbines, AK-47’s, MP-5’s, etc.

They also have various forms of BB projection platforms, either through electric guns (AEG or Automatic Electric Gun)’s, or Gas Powered Guns (Green-Gas/Propane/CO2). All types of airsoft gun platforms have various price tags (AEG’s generally faring a bit cheaper).

BB’s are small 6mm projectiles that the AEG or Gas Powered Gun’s use, they do not have paint inside them, airsoft uses an honor system.

Airsoft is a sport that came from Japan in the late 1970’s, which spread throughout South Asia, before coming to Europe in the 90’s and then to the United States. Airsoft was at first used by those in law enforcement and military training before it began to move on over to the Civilian market as a fun recreational activity. This allowed for Airsoft to rapidly develop as companies began to grow and greatly enhance the number of Airsoft replicas, the quality, and make the game more accessible for all.

In Airsoft players shoot at each other with Plastic Projectiles known as BB’s. These are 6mm plastic projectiles that leave small red marks (Long sleeve shirts/jackets are recommended!).

Once shot with an airsoft gun, it will feel like a pinch or a small sting on the spot, generally leaving a red mark, some weapons using high FPS may leave small welts.