Indoor Airsoft Field And Facilities:


In our spacious arena, you will enjoy history and and modern tactical war games. some of the features of our indoor arena:
– 7000 square feet arena
– Each team has a Short sniper tower, Two designated Marksmen and one Commander.
– All our maps obstacles arranged with a story from urban war history. Our first map was heavily inspired from a very well known battle in the Second World War: Pavlov’s House (In Stalingrad):

Each team will have a Leader, who will be able to request reinforcements, acting as respawn.
– Up to 24 players (12 players on each team!)
– Rental Gun: G&G M4 Commando CM16 Lite

How do we craft our Airsoft Fields?

Using historical events as inspiration for our urban style map designs we make sure that all players are constantly battling it out, without having dull moments in the Airsoft field! Our modest field allows players to constantly be in the action, moving towards objectives, and contesting them.

The maps that we have designed and draw parallels from their real world counterparts, while also making sure to follow differing design principles (Such as Asymetrical and Symetrical map design for different maps) making sure that both teams are playing on even grounds.

Using 3D Programs to craft our fields, we make sure to run the field through simulations to make sure that the players will be given a fair chance!

Our Field will be changed once every two weeks! If you have any ideas, or wish to see a certain battle portrayed, please feel free to let us know!


Airsoft Shooting Range
It’s just like the real thing! Go out there, and make sure to zero in on your target! Get your guns shooting the way it was meant to be! The shooting range is powered by remote system that you can freely use to bring the target close or away from you!

Airsoft Bowling

Are you bored of playing airsoft? Yet want to try something new? Come on over and try the one of a kind Airsoft bowling! That’s right folks, Techstar Airsoft is not only an Airsoft field, also boasts a bowling alley! Shoot 10 Pins in 10 seconds for a total ot 10 rounds! Can you beat your peers to show your the greatest bowler and airsoft player of all time!?

Sniper Tower

Ever watched the movie Sharpshooter, and thought “Man, I wish I could go upto a tower, aim down the sight of my awesome Airsoft gun, and just plink targets from over 60 feet?” Sure, maybe you wanted to hit targets from a little farther off, and thus here in Techstar Airsoft we have a giant Airsoft Sniper Tower that is a total of 60+ feet long, so get up there adjust your hop-up and get to shooting!